Wild and Beautiful Nature

When leaving the signal box at Broby Industrial Area you will pass dwelling houses, fields and small industries. After about 2 km you will see Uddarps Estate. Shortly afterwards you will get to a point where the track crossed a road. You are advised to lead the trolley across here. Next you may notice Uddarps Rifle range on your right towards Glimminge. The track starts to go uphill at this point which may test your leg-muscles.

In this dark pine forest you will reach the highest point on the track. Now take it easy downhill! It is now just 1 km to Glimminge Station.

Park the trolley at the turning point marked with a log and a bar. From here you can take a walk down to Helge River and the old stone bridge from 18 century. In Helge River you are able to go fishing (fishing permit) and sometimes go for a swim...

Do take a walk to Glimminge Station, earlier called Nordanå. The building is from 1884 and privately owned. Here is also two carriages for overnight stays. In case of bad weather you are welcome to rest in the carriage's saloon. Toilets can be found on the other side of the station.

Sjöhagens beach (good for children) in Tydingesjön is just 2.5 km away. Well worth seeing is also the old quarry by Hallasnärjet with remains of the blacksmith, the loading bay and the track.