Traffic Rules

There are few, but important rules. Please read the contract before leaving. Also note you can not go with the trolley right up to the station. The turning point is about 150 meters before.

Each trolley takes 1-2 adults or one adult and two children. Please use helmet. Check how the brake works and where it is placed. The trolleys shall be locked with chain and lock after each trolley cycle journey. The chain shall be slipped on through the wheel so that two trolleys are locked together.

The trolleys should be used so that you easily can stop for oncoming trolley-traffic and it is important to keep the distance between the trolley cycles. Oncoming trolley cycles have preference. Show respect! If you stop along the railroad, the trolley shall be removed so other trolleys can pass by. Along the section there are larger and smaller crossroads. You have to stop before the crossroads to check that no cars are approaching. Lead the trolleys over the crossroad.

Keep the countryside tidy! Bring your trash with you back to the starting point and throw it in to a wastepaper basket. The track is clean, but twigs, rocks and trash can occur. Be careful and if there are obstacles on the track would we be grateful if you can clean it.