The track between Hästveda-Karpalund was ready for traffic with steam train 16th November 1886. The Company Christianstad-Hässleholms Järnvägar (CHJ) took over Östra Järnvägar (ÖSJ) the 1st July 1936. The rail service was later replaced by sprinters.

In 1944 SJ (Swedish Rail) took responsibility for the track between Hästveda and Karpalund and on the 31st May 1969 passenger traffic ended on this track.

The track between Hästveda and North Glimminge was dismantled in spring 1985. From North Glimminge a track to Östanå Mill used exclusively for industrial purposes. When built in 1817 it was 600 mm wide but was in 1947 re-built to normal width, 1435 mm. In 1989 this track was also dismantled.

On a beautiful part of this track, between Broby and Karpalund, or, to be more precise, between Broby and Glimminge Station, you can today enjoy trolley cycling. The trolley has three wheels and a platform of 1.5 cubic meters. Each trolley takes two adults or one adult and two children depending on weight and how much luggage you will bring on your trip.